Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Finally I can now say that I can do Random Tatting. I did this tatting in my car when I was waiting for my daughter's dance lesson. I started it since I wanted to refresh my "split chain" tatting skills. After the two continuous rounds of tatting I thought of a design in my head (of course I have seen something similar as well as pictured this in my mind when I was doing Sharon Brigg's Design-Tat class). I was so happy that I could produce something without looking at a picture or reading a pattern. It was a wonderful feeling. Here it is...... my very first one!!

I have not been feeling quite well. Lots of breathing problems that has randomly appeared in my life now. With the two inhalers, steroids, and other medicines, I am better, but, feel "drugged".

I joined the CQ ATC's swap and here is what I received. Don't they look beautiful? The one on the left is from Ira and the one on the right is from Wilma. Thank you Ira and Wilma. I now know how you can finish the edges. These are way better than what I did. Therefore, something to learn now.