Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 .... Where did it go?

Holy Macro! I did not realize until today that I did not even have a single post in 2011. Where did 2011 go? Well, life was hectic this year especially with our move from New Jersey to Texas. I can't believe that we actually made it in one piece...I mean "our family". There were a lot of "ups" and "downs"....mainly "downs"; but we all survived.

I am thankful to the Lord Almighty for giving us faith and confidence. By God's Grace, we are all doing well. I don't know anyone whose life was easy. So, I am just among the normal set of people.

Anyway, I joined "Winter Exchange" at InTatters and yesterday I finished my gift for my exchange partners. Here is a peak at it.

I plan to be active in Tatting and Stitching in 2012. I am looking forward to it. To start with, I will be a mentor at StitchMap for the Color Theory course. I hope I do a good job at it.

Wish y'all a very Happy and Delightful 2012!!!!


  1. These look lovely! Your exchange partners will be delighted! I hope 2012 has more ups than downs in store for you and your family. Happy New year!

  2. Well it's great to see you back. Sorry you've had a 'silly' year but I'm so pleased you've got through it all. It's SO good to have you back blogging again. Keep it up, lass.

  3. Thank you Fiona, Hegla and Jane.... Your encouragement is working.