Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I have been planning for such a long time to post something to my blog.  Either I forget to take a picture of what I have done before giving it away or I am way too busy at work.  I feel like time is flying as I am getting older.

This cross is a pattern from Elizabeth Zipay.  I have made several in the past.  This time it is for me to wear as a pin to church tomorrow for Easter.  I need to find a different pin back but, right now I have to be satisfied with what I had in my stash.

If anyone has a better idea.....something that does not show through as much....please share. I know there is something like a earring stud that is available. Does anyone have a link?



  1. Lovely cross! My only suggestion is to wrap the pin base with the same thread as the tatted piece then attach the cross to it.
    Hope you have a wonderfully Happy Easter too.

  2. Happy Easter Sunela, That is a pretty cross broach. I agree with JB as to disguising the pin.