Friday, February 17, 2012

Gina...we will all miss you!

This week has been filled with sad news for me. The tatting world lost a favorite. I know Gina mainly through her blog. I was the lucky recipient of one of her giveaways. She and I exchanged several emails at that time since she was making me something special with my name in beads. I was estactic when I received her package. I could not believe all the goodies I got. Some of the things she included, I never even knew existed.

Gina's blog is usually the first blog I access. I like to see her work and then click off on all the blogs she follows. I will miss reading about her different tatting and painting adventures. I truly wish I met her at least once in person. All those who knew her personally, I am sure you feel blessed knowing her. I can only imagine your sorrow!

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to all the contritbutions she made to the tatting world. Thank you GINA!!! I am sure you are smiling down from heaven.

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  1. I loved Gina too- she and I were internet buddies and worked on projects together for many years. I was blessed to have her come spend a Thanksgiving holiday with my family- we had so much fun and laughter. I was always blown away by the multitude of different needle crafts she was into. Where did she find all the hours in the day to play??? I am guilty of not having enough due diligence. I too was so very blessed to have called her a special friend.

    And you too- sweet Sunela- It brings a smile to my heart just to think of you also- Hugs and love Hope