Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Color SSSR

I decided to follow Jon Yusoff's path and try out the TWO COLOR SSSR. Obviously this is a new technique for me since I still consider myself a novice in this field. Here is my sample..... I can see the endless possibilities with this.

Even though I have not blogged much, I have been tatting. I completed test tatting for Jessica at SnappyTatter a choker for which I added beads in the picot using Jane Eborall's technique. I shy away from loading beads on the shuttle but I think I will take on the challenge again. I am also test tatting for Sue Draney's new book. I am enjoying the test tatting opportunity.

I completed Mary Konior's Large Cross for my sister's birthday in February. It came out very nice. I had every plan to take a picture. But, I was so focused on getting it done to be mailed overseas that I remembered I did not take a picture after I walked out of the post office.


  1. I have mastered the SSSR, so I think it's time to try it with two colors. Yours looks great!

  2. Greetings Sunela. I came across this blog entry while looking for something related to my business. I am the owner of Snappy Tatter and was wondering what you were referencing when you said you were "test tatting for Jessica at Snappy Tatter"? Could you clarify what you are talking about for me?
    Thank you,
    Jennifer from Snappy Tatter