Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anyone willing to trade?

Don't know whether anyone out there in the blog world is willing to trade a Starlit shuttle with me. I ordered two Starlit shuttles and pretty much wrote in my comments, "please send me two different colors". I ordered it from Nordic Needle as I wanted to get a Romanian Point Lace book that was reasonably priced in that store. The receipt shows my comments....but guess what, I received TWO Starlit shuttles of the same color (purple).

If there is anyone there who is willing to trade another color (other than purple) and would like to receive a purple one instead, please let me know?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Completed test tatting the second flower for Sue Draney and sent her a picture of it.


  1. I already own a purple Starlit shuttle, or I would be happy to trade with you. I hope you find someone!

  2. I have an unopend cranberry one, let me know if you still need someone to trade with.

  3. Now I have two different color Starlit shuttle..... thanks to Bonnie!