Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tat-Along .... onto row 3

I have now completed row 2 of the tat-along. I have to say that Jon definitely did a wonderful job in the charting. It was very easy to follow. I started on row 3 but can see that the long chains are already getting in my way. It is certainly an easy row to tat but long chains are not my favorite.


  1. It looks lovely and yet again another colour combination, Michelle said on her blog about how many are tatting this mat and the different colours, So far I have not seen one tatter do the same colour. It's certainly taken tatland by storm with so many tatting the same pattern

  2. Looking very pretty with the colours you've chosen!

  3. Thanks Margaret and Suz. I have also noticed that none of us are using the same color combination. It will be wonderful to see all the finished projects :)

  4. I love your colors here! I wouldn't know you were having a problem with your chains - they look good to me!

    It is amazing how quickly this has evolved from Jon's dedication to tatting and preserving this 1938 pattern, to her getting permission from Australian Trove to chart it (beautifully!) and then suggesting the Tat Along! And now all these doilies honoring Norma Benporath are being created and the pattern has been brought into a modern format. It's quite wonderful!