Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Posts in a day?

This is totally not me.....but, I am so excited and have to do a second post today. I took a side bar from tatting and did some beadwork and want to share it with you. How do you like it?? There is one mistake - the bracelet ended up to be little too big for my wrist. Therefore, I have to give it as a gift. Ummmm...who is going to be the lucky recipient?


  1. That is gorgeous! I find myself buying those iridescent beads all the time. I don't even use beads all that often, but I see them and I just have to get them. I think I have like 4 or 5 tubes around here.
    Anyway, the bracelet is gorgeous! Good job!

  2. Lovely! Beautiful colors of beads.

  3. I love this!! I took classes once on beading. I really enjoyed it. I wish I could find kits to make bracelets like this. Beautiful, thank you for letting me see it.